The Tower May Come Crashing Down

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There was a time in history when all people spoke the same language. They all got together and decided to build a large tower that would reach the sky. For some reason, not openly revealed in the Torah, the Tower came crashing down and people found themselves speaking different languages and were unable to understand one another. Some say that their sin was that they wanted to rebel against Hashem and worship idols. Others explain that when all nations unite, it spells trouble as we see happening today.

Once again, modern technology has united all the nations in the world and where this will lead us is anyone’s guess. While the Internet is truly an amazing Tree of Knowledge, it also contains the world’s greatest filth plus many other dangerous contaminants that can lead to much tragedy.

It’s a pressure cooker that contains a mixture of hatred, malicious lies, slander, character assassination, evil talk, conspiracy theories, and other deadly ingredients. It boils with unprecedented speed and its evil concoctions reach into millions of homes around the globe. Guilt is often established by innuendo and anonymous accusations. Truth and falsehoods are mixed together in a very potent explosive mixture. It contains ingredients added by kofrim, crackpots, and morons, and is stirred by the Yetzer horah himself.

While the Chofetz Chaim warns us of the terrible consequences of tale bearing, our great curiosity to know “All the news that’s unfit to print” often wins out, and before we know it we find our head and feet submerged in the worlds largest cesspool in search of the latest filth and perversion. Those who believe that they can navigate their way through it all and avoid being bitten by the poisonous rats are taking their lives in their hands and better get a reality check. Many of those who have tried have been bitten and became infected.

While this article will not help rescue those who have already fallen into the sewer and been bitten, perhaps it can help save those who still have not ventured into the smelly dark underground tunnel that leads directly into the flaming fires of Gehinom.