Voting for the Best Slogan

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It isn’t a politician’s or party’s agenda that really counts but rather their slogan even if it makes absolutely no sense and is a total lie. “Peace now” is just one of the senseless slogans that seems to draw a large crowd of people that are blind to reality and don’t see where the “Disengagement” has led us. “Kadima” is the cry of a general leading his men to battle despite all the mines that lay in his way and the many that will get killed in the process.

Israeli voters are left with little choice. Whether they choose to vote Kadima, Likud, or Labor, they lose. Everyone knows that both Netanyahu and Olmert speak from two sides of their mouth. They don’t say what they mean and they don’t mean what they say. Most of their criticism of their opposing candidate is just as true about themselves. Their policies spell disaster for Israel. While Netanyahu claims that “Olmert is detached from reality,” the very same is true about him. The only difference between the two may be who can lie better. While Olmert is ready to give all the settlements back to the Palestinians, Netanyahu may decide to hold back on one. They are both detached from reality and buried in slogans.

We all remember Sharon’s promises not to negotiate with the enemy and not to make any concessions for peace. Yet, the moment he was elected he made a complete U turn. Don’t think today’s politicians are any better. The only thing they are good at is at dreaming up good slogans and exposing the opposing parties’ bankruptcy. It’s time they took a good look in the mirror.