Syria, and Arafat; Partners for Peace?

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According to Israeli and American evidence it has become increasingly clear that Syria supports terrorism, and many believe that much of Iraq’s WMD are hidden there. It openly supports Hizbollah and trains terrorists. Instead of exercising a restraining policy, it does all in its power to encourage homicide bombings against innocent Israeli civilians. Far from eradicating terrorism, it backs and supports the Al-Aksa Brigades. How can Israel expect that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, will make peace when its intention is to destroy Israel?
Only recently, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed in a US News & World Report interview that the U.S. “will continue to encourage the Syrians to change aspects of their behavior that we [USA] think are inappropriate.” Didn’t Assad already fool Powell during his earlier visit to Damascus, promising that he would stop Syria’s support for terrorism and shut down the Hamas and Hizbollah headquarters in Damascus? So far, all their promises turner to naught. Hasn’t Powell already learned that all Assad’s promises are worthless, or is he still dreaming? Someone needs to wake-up.
Suicide bombings have not stopped. Deaths continue to increase. Isn’t it time to maintain a consistent policy against all entities and states sponsoring terrorism, including Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iran and Libya, instead of believing in empty “peace” promises? Diplomatic and economic support to these groups has proved an ineffective approach, as witnessed an ever-increasing bloodshed. This inconsistent American policy is no doubt what increases negative attitudes towards the U.S. Has not the U.S. declared a global war against terrorism and listed Syria as one of the states sponsoring terrorism? What is this wishful thinking of granting more time to see whether Syria and Yasser Arafat change their terrorist behavior?
Supposedly, the U.S. is an ally and friend of Israel. Yet, when Israel, the only democratic country in the region defends herself against terrorist attacks coming from the Palestinian Authority region, or Syria, the U.S. criticizes, instead of supporting Israel.
Is not Israel doing the same the U.S. is doing against Al-Qaeda, eradicating the terrorist infrastructures? Who are the ones attempting to commit genocide, violating the human rights of innocent civilians, acts that are even celebrated? Why does the UN and the world only blindly count victims from the Palestinian side but not the other? Or is it that Israeli blood is not red? Bush has said that he is a man who keeps his word. He declared a war against global terrorism, so this would be a good time to stand by his word.
There are 21 Arab nations that have attacked or condemned Israel the only democratic nation in the area. The Arabs had fought against Israel since its independence, but have lost all their wars. Yet, the terrorist group of the Palestinian Liberation Organization have very conveniently changed its name, and it is now known as the “Palestinian Authority”, despite the fact that the same leader, Yasser Arafat still leads it and has legalized his terrorist policy and is demanding the historical Jewish lands of Judea, Samaria, Bethlehem and Hebron as part of his “Palestinian State.”
Arafat sold himself as dressed in a democratic and diplomatic uniform, which covered and still disguises his terrorist garb. Arafat’s fortune, as estimated by Forbes consists of $300 million, placing him in sixth place among the richest world leaders, while the truly innocent Arab-Palestinians live in miserable poverty. Is it not time to wake up and smell the coffee? If conventional war did not destroy Israel, a terrorist policy is apparently paying off. Israel continues to make concession after concession, while the killing of innocent Israelis does not stop, but increases from day to day.
So much for Syria and Arafat as peace partners. Does Israel need more empty peace promises? Since when are we required to commit suicide?