Parshas Lech Lecha Questions

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These questions were brought up on the Country Yossi Show:

Where else does Hashem say “Lech Lecha?” In Vayera at Har Hamoria.

Who is the only other person called an Ivri besides Avraham? Yosef.

Does the Ezras Nashim have a Kedushas Beis Haknesses? Not as much but you can daven. Bottom-line, no it doesn’t.

Can a Chazzan daven from a Bimah? Yes according to Ashkenaz. Sefarad no. Those shuls that have a Bimah have no seats in front.

Haircut in shul? No. It’s a Bizayon.

Can you kiss a Talmid Chacham/Rav in shul? Kaf Hachaim says yes as it’s an honor to Hashem.