Public Beware!

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Now that the FTC has put an end to the JewelWay scam that has robbed people of many millions, a new scam has hit the streets and is making it’s rounds through Yeshivisha circles. Its called Golden Circle International. This is a sophisticated and clever twist to the illegal chain letter scam which eventually comes toppling down and leaves some people holding on to other peoples money. Outright g’nayvah!

Like all chain letters, those who come in at the beginning do make some money. But this money comes from the pockets of those who will eventually get scammed out when it inevitably comes to an abrupt halt.

People are of course being deluded into thinking that this chain can go on forever since one can always buy into it once again. That’s like those who still believe they can invent the perpetual motion machine. When will people begin to realize that there is no simple and easy way to get rich fast unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery. If it seems too good to be true then it is!