The Jew and the Hotel

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A Jew is out on a business trip in the 1950’s, and decides in the middle of the night to sleep it off at an inn. This Jew walks into a hotel that had a huge sign out in front, “No Jews Allowed,” and tells the clerk he would like to rent a room. The clerk looks at the person’s Jewish-looking face, views the driver license that says “Joe Berkowitz,” and says, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any rooms available.” The Jew is standing for a moment when a man walks up ready to check out. The Jew immediately says “I’ll take HIS room.” The clerk again tells the Jew, “Sorry, but we simply don’t have a room for you, we don’t serve your kind here. No Jews allowed.”

“Ahh” says the Jew, “And what makes you think that I’m a Jew? I’m actually a Catholic!”

“Ok,” says the clerk “who is the Christian lord?”

“Jesus, son of Mary,” says the Jew.

“Ok, that’s a start. Where was Jesus born?”

“Bethlehem!” says the Jew.

“Ok” says the clerk, “And where in Bethlehem was Jesus born?”

In a stable!” says the Jew.

The clerk now leaned over and got right up to the Jew, “And why was Jesus born in a stable?”

The Jew belts out “Because some schmuck like you wouldn’t rent his Jewish parents a room at his inn!”