Israel Guide: Har Arbel

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Right to the east side of the Yam Kinneret stands the beautiful mountain of Arbel which soars to more than 181 meters above sea level. From the top of its northern cliffs, one can easily see the Golan Heights, the Kinneret and even Har Chermon. To its southwest stands Har Tavor and the horns of Chittim. Toward its south lies Teverya. Toward its top an ancient shul was discovered. It was here that Nitai Ha’arbeli mentioned in Pirkei Avos, once lived. In the face of its cliff is a four-tiered fortress which was used by the Jews as a hideout during the time of Hordus. Those with lots of courage will certainly want to climb down this steep cliff. Be very careful and always hold on to the special metal bars made for this purpose. It’s great fun.