Megillas Lester – Pixar for the Frum Jewish Community

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megillaslester-logoA number of weeks ago I was enamored at a Pixar-like take on a Jewish Bible Story, Megillas Esther. Titled Megillas Lester, the story focuses on a frum Jewish boy, Doniel Lesterovitch (“Lester”) who attends a fictional Torah Academy (Torah Academy of Myrtle Park) where there are various school administrators and classmates. Doniel gets knocked out when a bookcase falls on him, and in his state of unconsciousness he vividly dreams of going back in time to Shushan HaBira.

All I can say is that B”H we frum Jews don’t need to be subjected to second-rate filmmaking. This is actually quite good. I was both impressed and blown away at the level of detail involved, the technical maturity of a 3D animation project of this magnitude, as well as the scholarly research that went into this. This is not your Zaidy’s Ten Commandments! “So let it be written, so let it be done.”



My only real critique is that it needs to be longer, especially with the price tag on it. Otherwise it was very well done, leaving the viewer wanting more.