Top 10 Unintentional Implications of Megillas Lester

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1908232_626786170702131_436781167_nAfter renting the video out and seeing it with family, I noticed the following unintentional implications the video seemed to suggest:

1. The fact that the story essentially replaces Queen Esther with a Yeshiva boy seems to suggest that Esther, a Persian (Sephardi precursor?) Jewish woman, had as much beitzim as today’s run-of-the-mill Yeshiva guys, if not more. That actually makes sense when you think about it, though it’s a disturbing thought. This isn’t the first time: The classic song “Walk like an Egyptian,” sung by “The Bangles” – a bunch of women, became Judaised into “Run from the Egyptians” by Gershon Veroba and his kinderlach. Yes, this is what our Yeshiva system is producing these days. Nothing new here. Just sayin’.

2. Achashveirosh is Italian. Vashti and Haman are British. Haman resembles a cross between Snape from Harry Potter and a pirate from Monkey Island.

3. Zeresh isn’t tiny like a thumb. She more like resembles a beached whale, whose mannerisms resemble that of a Jewish wife, Yiddish and all.

4. Dr. Seuss, the horse doctor, was in the film, and all of Shushan was deaf (“Who? Achashverosh”).

5. The Sefer HaZichronos looks like it was printed by Artscroll.

    6. They had Irish pubs back then, along with hair salons, disco, bohemian matchmakers, smoothies and a boombox with the KolRom logo.

    7. When Achashverosh’s horse was poisoned to death, there was a huge Baruch Dayan HaEmes pashkevil-like sign plastered on one of the walls.

    8. Jewish music was played the entire time, with Menachem Moskowitz‘ Yiddish version of Yesh Tikva (there is hope) as the theme song prior to Haman getting sentenced. (Does that mean Yiddish is the new Persian?) 🙂 Interestingly, when the actors acted out the dancing in their black suits, the Hebrew Yesh Tikvah played out (see 7:34 in).

    9. Achashverosh knew about the “no noose is good noose” joke 2,000 years before Robin Hood Men in Tights came out. Same thing with goooood morning Shushan which is from Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams (if the movie is Lester’s imagination, how would he have known of such a non-kosher video?). Eera in the Bira precluded JM in the AM.

    10. Haman’s commercial suggests that they had TV’s back then.

    Shabbat Shalom!