Megillas Lester Dougies Baltimore Commercial, and Memories From My Days at Lander College For Men

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Bigsan, Seresh & Haman enjoy a meal at Dougies. Dougies in Baltimore is the official restaurant of Megillas Lester.

I remember enjoying Dougies, rumored to have started out as a non-Kosher establishment, from my days at Landers in Queens. It was right next to the Pita Hot on Main Street. The food was overpriced but we all loved it. I recall having eaten there with family in 2005 right dougies-logoafter my graduation to celebrate. Those poppers were irresistable.

I even remember that at that specific branch there was something known as a “Suds Special,” which was a sandwich concoction introduced by one of our guys, Naphtali Sudwerts, a.k.a. “Suds.” That sandwich had different types of cold cuts as well as fries and other goodies in it. I tried it once. Wasn’t bad.

I even ate at Dougies in Brooklyn when dating girls. Those guys made a pretty penny off me.

Sadly, Dougies no longer has a presence in New York, and their former website looks seriously outdated for me to know any future updates. What a shame.

I only wish Dougies the best of luck in their revival in Baltimore.