Room 51 – Library – Books & Maps

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To “check out” an item from the library, please click on the underlined words.

1. Wilson & Warren’s Map of the Subterranean Chambers of the Temple Mount. During the 1860’s, Charles Wilson and Charles Warren, two English surveyors and historians, were given almost total access to the Temple Mount. Warren created this map of the rooms and tunnels below the Temple Mount. It is an invaluable tool in studying the Temple’s underground structures. Click here to See Wilson and WarrenMap. (416K)

2. Wilson recorded his measurements of the underground chambers in his Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem. Warren later rechecked Wilson’s measurements and made many of his own. Click here to read acompilation of their actual notes.

3. The Underground Chambers. Based on the Wilson & Warren map and their notes, we can construct a three-dimensional drawing of the chambers. Based on a drawing by L. Ritmeyer. Click here to see 3-DDrawing. (481K)

4. Key to Underground Chambers. Click here to see the KEY for the 3-D drawing. (405K)

5. Wilson’s Surface Map. This map was drawn up by Charles Wilson. It shows the details of the surface of the Temple Mount and the locations of below ground structures, chambers and tunnels. Click here for Surface Map. (2.05M)

6. Wilson’s Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem. These are some excerpts from Wilson’s report called Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem. They are quite technical but useful to scholars of Temple Mount archaeology. Click here to read from Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem. (428K)

7. Catherwood Map of Jerusalem. This map was drawn up in 1835 and shows the Old City and the Temple Mount. Click here to see the Catherwood Map. (154K)

8. The Complete Works of Josephus Flavius. The 1st century CE Jewish historian, Josephus Flavius wrote several works that are important sources of information about the events that led up to the Churban. He was a cohain who actually served in the Bais HaMikdash. He gives a very detailed description of the Bais HaMikdash. The file contains over 1,000 pages. Click here to download the zip file of Josephuscomplete works. (1.68M)

9. Click here to see a chart outlining the History of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

More items will be placed on the “shelves” as they become available.