11 People You’d Never Think Were Orthodox Jews

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You think you know what Orthodox Jews look like. The media always depicts them the same way: beards, hats, wigs, and often pasty white. Rabbis, diamond dealers, and women pushing strollers. But did you know that Orthodox Jews are a diverse group of people, with different jobs, hobbies, ethnicities, and levels of observances? Bet you’d never think:

1. A female kickboxing star

A female kickboxing star

would be an Orthodox woman, but Sara Avraham, an Israeli (Indian immigrant) won the 16-19 year-old championship in the 60-63 kilogram (132-138 lbs) division in March.

You probably wouldn’t think that an Orthodox man would be…

2. A Professional Boxer

A Professional Boxer

either, but Dmitriy Salita was the first Orthodox professional boxer (there’s a second!) and was ranked #1 in his weight class in 2009.

Bet you never thought that an Orthodox teen would be…

3. A Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent”

A Semi-Finalist on "America's Got Talent"

but Edon Pinchot – this kippah clad crooner – was one last year and stole many hearts along the way!

You probably never knew that there are Orthodox Jewish..

4. Fashionistas


but there are many, including fashion blogger Adi Heyman who keeps getting snapped up by ELLE at NY fashion week because she knows how to rock modest fashion so well.

We’re often depicted as scrawny, so you probably wouldn’t think that…

5. The Strongest Girl in the World

The Strongest Girl in the World

would be an Orthodox Jew, but she is and her name is Naomi Kutin. This 11 year old girl set her latest world record this past June.

You probably never imagined that…

6. A Woman in Uniform

A Woman in Uniform

would be a religious Jew, but Captain Hall (pictured here with her husband and kids) has been on active duty for over 20 years serving our country in the USPHS and was deployed in Haiti, Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy. There are many other Orthodox Jews graciously serving our country in the military as well.

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