NO. WAY… Did He Just Say That On Live T.V.?

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“People who want to ban martyrdom operations are trying to alter the religion of Allah,” Jihadi Cleric Omar Bakri explains how suicide terror attacks are a basic part of Islamic beliefs. At least for the more radical Islamic groups.

Has there ever been a religion which preaches suicide in G-d’s name as the ultimate tenet of that religion?

    This is so completely alien to philosophy of the Jewish religion that you wonder how this branded of Islam evolved centuries ago from Judaism. The Jewish religion embraces life. All Jewish laws and tenets are “put on hold” in order to save life. There is nothing more basic to Judaism than that.

    This stark contradiction between two religious philosophies demonstrates exactly what is going on in Israel today. There is no way to peacably negotiate with a People whose religion dictates that for every member of society, men women and children, the ultimate service of G-d is suicide in His service. It justifies all violations of human rights in Moslem countries and especially in Palestine.

    Can Israel or any peace seeking democratic country tolerate such a philosophy on or within its borders?