“Israel in Canada” News on Ceasefire Developments

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By: Israel in Canada

Posted: 6:33 AM EST

10527666_897014373647521_2227499649670802759_nGood Morning Canada,

As you wake up and get your day started, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו and his security cabinet accepted the Egyptian ceasefire offer. Yet, rockets are still being fired from Gaza at Israeli ceasefire, including the use of a Syrian-made rocket aimed at Haifa.

Hamas has until 9PM (Israeli time) to stop the rockets or 2PM for those of you in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto or 11AM for our followers in Vancouver and Victoria. If the rockets don’t stop, PM Netanyahu warns that Israel will have the international legitimacy to step up the campaign to make the rockets stop.

This ends when the rockets end.

Posted: 8:50 AM EST

10537105_897073073641651_2664162559966919934_nDear Canadians,

Israel adhered to calls for de-escalation and restraint. We agreed to Egypt’s ceasefire and ceased operations at 9AM (Israel Time). Hamas response was to continue to fire rockets with 47 since the ceasefire. Therefore, we will now resume #OperationProtectiveEdge to restore peace and calm–this stops when the rockets stop!