Maran HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman: We Are Witnessing ‘Nissim V’Niflaos’ – Miracles and Wonders

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R’ Aharon Leib Shteinman

Maran HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita commented on events regarding Operation Protective Edge, the IDF counter-terrorism offensive in Gaza. The gadol hador is quoted in Yated Neeman saying “Our entire lives are run by miracles and in recent days, we see Nissim V’Niflaos surpassing nature”.

“כל החיים שלנו הם בדרך נס, בימים האחרונים אנו רואים ניסים ונפלאות מעל לדרך הטבע”

Rav Shteinman explains that there is not a single person among Am Yisrael that has not witnessed the miracles taking place around Israel during the military operation and we must be genuinely aware of HKBH’s intervention.

    The rav quotes the Ramban from the end of Parshas Bo that the world is run by miracles, and we have become accustomed to these miracles, referring to the day-to-day as ‘natural’ (derech hateva). However, the rav explains, the so-called natural is in itself a miracle, citing the manna that fell daily. Am Yisrael knew it was HKBH’s hand but they became accustomed to the daily occurrence and viewed it as such.

    The rav continues;

    “אחרי אלפי שנים וכי יש לנו הנהגה כזו שיורד מן – לחם מן השמים, אין הנהגה ניסית כזו, בכל זאת כל החיים שלנו הם בדרך נס. ומה שאנשים לא מבחינים בזה, לפי שהתרגלו לזה, וזה מה שאנו אומרים בתפילה ג’ פעמים ביום, ועל ניסיך שבכל יום עמנו, שכל הנהגת העולם היא נס”.

      He adds during the time of Yirmiyahu HaNavi people lacked bitachon in Hashem and when asked why the masses are not engaged in Torah, they explained they had to earn a livelihood. Today explains the rav, HKBH once again is showing us miracles to remind us and compel us to remember that even if we do not see it with our own eyes, it is all miracles.

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