Israel Supporters Set to Rally at Queen’s Park

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rallyAnother demonstration over the unrest in the Middle East is scheduled to take place at Queen’s Park on Sunday.

Canadians for Israel has planned a rally for “freedom and democracy” on Queen’s Park Circle at 2 p.m.

Conservative MPs Mark Adler and John Carmichael and Liberal MPP Monte Kwinter are scheduled to speak.

The event comes a day after thousands gathered at Queen’s Park for two protests.

Dozens of police officers were needed to keep Palestinian and Israeli supporters separate as they made their way down University Avenue to the U.S. consulate.

Officials say over the past few weeks, hundreds have been killed in fighting between Hamas militants and Israeli soldiers on the Gaza Strip.

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    Why I Won’t Be Attending

    Personally I won’t be attending. Here are my reasons:

    • These protests often are not as “peaceful” as advertised and don’t want to put myself or my family in harms way,
    • These protests rarely accomplish anything (public opinion rarely matters since different versions of the news will be posted anyway, and people that already believe in an ideology won’t be convinced),
    • Canada is very pro-Israel (thank Gd),
    • Politicians that are pro/anti-Israel won’t change their minds over protesters as there likely is a lot under the table we don’t know about.

    What should one do? Either:

    • Fly to Israel and physically take part in the war,
    • Give money to help support the cause, or
    • Pray to the One Above that this war ends as peacefully as it can get (remember, Israel has continuously accepted each ceasefire proposal with Hamas still restocking/shooting rockets at Israel).