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    “In English it translates to:
    ‘On the contrary, place in our hearts the ability to see only the good in our friends and not their shortcomings!
    May we speak to each other in a way that is straight and desirable in Your eyes. May there be no hatred between friends, Heaven forbid.
    Strengthen our ties and our bond to You with love, as it is revealed and known to You that we strive to give You only satisfaction and pleasure.
    Amen, may it be Your will.’
    A special #Tefilla that my grandfather a”h used to carry in his wallet. When I first came to #Jerusalem I put it in the Kotel before his shloshim. We had his first yartzeit recently.
    The words are from “Tefilah Kodem HaTefillah” (The prayer before praying) by R’ Elimelech of Lizhensk”
    Source: @sgroner (instagram)

      Source: Humans of Judaism