Chilazon – Ksav Yad (Manuscript) on Bechoros 38a

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H/T Rabbi Mordechai Honig for finding this 15th century Ksav Yad on Rashi for Bechoros 38a. Our modern editions have “Chilazon” as “Limon” (almost like a lemon). Apparently this was a misprint, aaaaaand….. it’s yet another reference to Limetz/Limace (snail)! So much for it being a snake or berry! Furthermore, here’s the full context/translation (courtesy: Sefaria): “one may slaughter a firstborn animal outside the Temple if there was in his eye a cataract, a tevallul, or a growth IN THE SHAPE of a snail, a snake, or a berry that covers the pupil”

Full Vilna Shas daf

The classic Vilna Shas with the classic misprint.

Sefaria context and translation

The Ksav Yad clearly showing it’s Limetz/Limace, which means snail. It’s not a Nun Sofis which you can see in many other words on this page.

Another example of a Tzadi. Granted, this one has a sharper point. Still.

Another tzadi sofis example. Notice that the point shoots to the right as opposed to curving back left.

Limtza/Limtzan Translation in Old French to English