Kosher Gatorade in Canada Update – COR’s take

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***UPDATE – May 5, 2012, Gatorade is NOT Kosher without a Hechsher. Here’s why (click link). ***

Last week I posted an email that I had gotten, as forwarded by someone who contacted the Orthodox Union (OU), stating that practically all Gatorade flavors are kosher without a hechsher save for a couple (grape flavored and powdered). In no time at all the page posted at the top of Google for the search engine result “kosher gatorade.”

I wanted to post an update that, earlier today, I approached Rabbi Yacov Felder of Shomrai Shabbos Chevra Mishnayos in Toronto, as he also happens to be the head of the COR. I asked him if this case was true, as from the email this apparently would seem to be the case. He mentioned that he doesn’t have an immediate answer, but call the COR and OU myself to verify. He also noted that several members have bombarded him with this question. On a similar note, a member recently approached me and said that he’s become a subscriber to my blog after finding it on page 1 for “kosher gatorade.”

I will bli neder call up the OU and COR myself after Rosh Hashana to find out for sure.