Chillul Hashem and Sheitels – Conclusion

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This is a conclusion to my last post on the couple with the Sheitels case on Peoples Court.

In light of a recent Vosizneias article, here are some final conclusions:

  • The wig may not after all have been a short wig, it just may have looked like one at first glance. Anything in that state will look short.
  • To quote the Vosizneias post, “The judge made phone calls to both Georgie companies. She ascertained from company #1 that Heidi did purchase a wig. She spoke to a woman that worked for company #1 named Sylvia. The office was closed and the phone number was forwarded to her cell phone. The judge asked whether what was sold to Heidi was a short wig or long wig. Sylvia answered a long wig. The judge asked for the receipt number. Sylvia answered that the office was closed.”
  • The judge should have asked for multiple receipts. Then again, it’s inconceivable to the Gentile that a family divorce would create two distinct establishments under the same name. Blockbuster, Staples and Wal-mart have thousands of branches worldwide yet they keep centralized inventories. Georgies, a Heimishe establishment, apparently doesn’t and therefore it’s possible that the judge called the “wrong Georgies.”
  • Apparently, the husband, not the wife, made the dumb decision to appear on People Court, rationalizing that the money awarded would be from the court TV and not from the laundromat guys who might claim to not have the money. This should have gone to small claims, not on public television, which is not a good forum for Frum Jews. Look at Esther Petrack and Americas Next Top Model and see how they portrayed her as willing to be Mechalel Shabbos!
  • As for the hair weave being loose, my own wife approached me with her “fall” and showed me loose weaves that were present WITHOUT any washing machine accidents! I guess this now means that I need to get her a new fall and Sheitel (where to find the money for either is another story, though 🙂 ).

The judge best said it in the middle of the case that “she didn’t know” about Sheitels. She should have just dropped the case and be done with it. Now there might be an issue of a mistrial thanks to all the proceedings.

As a side note, let this be a lesson that publicized TV is NOT a Frummie’s best friend!