Some Goyim Don’t Get it! Gd Bless!

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It’s very funny when some Gentiles takes Jewish objects, innocently or not, and in some cases publicly grossly misinterpret the function. Here are some examples:

Case 1: Chai Pendant as Navajo Moose

Very recently on Ebay somebody placed an item called “Unique Vintage Navajo Moose 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Mariking 0.8 grams“. However, looking closely at it, any Jew with an untrained eye can notice it as a Chai pendant.

Perhaps if someone has never read Hebrew it can look like a moose, but still, it’s funny!

More on this:


Case 2: Klaf as reminder for papyrus scrolls

Recently someone shared the following picture on Facebook. It’s a scan of a history book. The scan is that of a writing on Klaf, though upside-down. What’s more, the text states that Jews stitched parchments together as a reminder for papyrus scrolls. Please!


Case 3: Ivanka Trump and Lulav

Last year I wrote on Jared Kushner walking home with his wife Ivanka Trump, a Jewish convert, while he was carrying home a Lulav and Esrog while walking home from shul on Sukkos. A paparazzo snapped the shot and said that Jared was carrying flowers, likely as a gift for Ivanka! Again, to the untrained eye that’s what it looks like, I guess!

However, you can’t blame Gentiles not knowing what Sukkos is.  I personally have been stopped by cops and store owners on different occasions during Sukkos while picking up something right after shul and being asked what I am holding is and what’s the significance. Nu nu?