The Silly World of Chelm and Frumkeit with Beaches

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The Silly World of Chelm and Frumkeit with BeachesIf you are ever visit Chelm and see people in a swimming pool, you might notice them wearing sweaters and sweatpants, no matter how hot the day. Here’s why.

One day, Yankel Shmerel went to visit the big city of Minsk on a hot Summer day. Now, Minsk was a huge, prosperous town that happened to have its own lake and beach. Yankel, feeling hot, decided to change into his swimming trunks to go for a swim. On the way, he noticed women wearing skin-tight bikinis and swim suits. This agitated him greatly.

Well, when he came back, Yankel visited the Sage of Chelm for advice. “It seems,” the old Sage said, “that there is a problem with beaches today. Members of the opposite gender, undoubtedly attractive, have come to tempt us with their clothing. Let’s teach them a lesson: from now on, all boys and men will need to wear modest swimwear.”

“Oh wise Sage, what modest swimwear is there today?” Yankel asked.

“Simple. From now on, everyone will need to wear a sweater and sweatpants when they swim.”

“But isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“Who cares? It’s moreso for function than comfort.”

“Well, why should we suffer? Make them wear it?”

“You’re right! From now on, everyone needs to wear sweatclothes when one swims, no matter the weather. All in the name of modesty.

And so it was.