Israel Guide: Katzrin

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Here an ancient Jewish town dating back to between the 4th to the 7th centuries, has been uncovered and partially restored. As you enter you see an oil press which was of great importance and quite common in those days. Further on, one sees the remains of ancient homes. The black lines on the walls differentiate between the original stones and the reconstructed ones. You will also see ancient tools such as axes, saws, hammers and planes.

As you continue, you can see a completely restored house with agricultural tools such as millstones used to grind wheat, kitchen utensils and oil lamps. To keep mice from nibbling the food, the shelves were hung from rope coming down from the ceiling.

Nearby one sees a reconstructed shul with large pillars, stone benches and small bits of a mosaic floor to the left. The shul once stood two stories high and was supported by between 12 and 18 pillars. The second floor must have been for the women.