Israel Guide: Nachalei Arugot, Devorah, Snir, and Yehudia; Negev

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Nachal Arugot

Nachal Devorah

Another spectacular waterfall to visit is the glorious Devorah Waterfall. You’ll see many arovoh (Myrtle) trees on the way. The water in the Devorah pool is incredibly invigorating and a swim under the falls is like a refreshing massage. If you continue down the path you will come to another spectacular falls called the Jilabon. It is 40 meters high and the second highest in the country. As the sun shines on it, you may even see a shimmering rainbow over it. On a hot summer day one certainly can’t resist taking a swim in it’s beautiful waters. You’re sure to come out like new person

Nachal Snir

Of the three major tributaries which feed the Yarden, the Snir is the furthest to the west and is the longest of them all. It has fabulous scenery with tiny waterfalls, strong powerful streams, brilliant blossoms and makes for a great hike. You’ll have to walk at its side since the waters themselves are far to strong to swim in. It’s fed by little rivulets which join it during its journey south. Dozens of eastern plane trees and willows (Arovos) line its bank, so you’ll be walking in the shade. Toward the end, the water splits into two rushing streams and this is the perfect place to go in for a refreshing swim.

Nachal Yehudia

One of the nicest trails to hike is the Nachal Yehudiya trail that takes you through some chilling pools and sensational waterfalls. Try swimming to the bottom of the beautiful falls and feel the jacuzzi effect of the strong waters flowing over you.

Negev Desert