Room 43 – The Northern Wall Area

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Exhibit 43a- North Wall Area. Of all the walls of Har HaBayis, we know the least about the Northern Temple Wall. This is due to the fact that many schools, churches, and homes are built against it. This is a drawing made of the Northern Wall area from inside the Temple Mount.

Exhibit 43b- Northern Wall Area. A Moslem minaret and school building.

Exhibit 43c- School Building. This school is built over the Northern Wall. In years past, it was used as an army barracks for Turkish soldiers.

Exhibit 43d- Northern Wall Area.

Exhibit 43e- Northern Wall Area. All of these buildings are also built over the Northern Wall.

Exhibit 43f- The Northern Wall. The photo was taken outside the Northern Wall. Notice the Herodian margins carved onto the stones. These stones have mortar between the blocks. In the actual Herodian Walls mortar was not used. The weight of the stones held themselves in place. We can conclude that these stones were probably from a part of the Northern Wall that was destroyed but later cemented back into the wall.