Is Yogurtys Kosher?

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Is Yogurtys Kosher?A couple of weeks ago I was at Shul and spoke with a representative from the COR. Apparently, Yogurtys is not so Kosher after all!

Not the flavors – some of those might be Kosher (sic), at least based on the loose-leaf binder they have. The problem has moreso to do with the “mystery machine”-ry. See, with Baskin Robbins (BR), for example, BR has the ice creams in cardboard containers, each one with the Kosher symbol (or not) and the employees rinse the spoon which was always cold (since when is ice cream hot?), making it more acceptable.

However, Yogurtys has the frozen yogurts in a machine attached to a wall. On the other side of that wall apparently, the yogurts are made along with numerous ingredients such as cream, syrups, and cochineal/carmine for food coloring, which is made from ground bugs. I know, ewww, right?

The one ultimately deciding what’s “Kosher” and what’s not is not someone with a half-decent Jewish education, but rather a 17 year old girl with no Jewish education, earning minimum wage thinking “like, uh, that’s Kosher, right?”

This affects me personally as I really like Frozen Yogurt and there’s a Yogurtys near where I work. Oh well….

As for updates by the COR, they apparently issue updates, but are generic about it like “ice creams” and “frozen yogurts.” That’s why this post is on top of Google’s search results and not their postings!